Benefits of US Monitor Mailstream Intelligence and the Confirm System using Intelligent Mail Barcode Technology

Electronically confirm the mail you send out:

Destination Confirm and Mailstream Intelligence offer many benefits for outgoing mail, such as:

  • Knowing that customers are about to receive targeted catalog, cooperative mailings, bills, credit cards, insurance cancellations, notices, direct mail solicitations, and other important mail.
  • Increasing response rates by synchronizing telemarketing and email with the delivery of direct mail solicitations.
  • Having documentation that you sent your mail and that the U.S. Postal Service has begun processing the pieces.
  • Knowing that your customers receive fulfillments of mail orders.
  • Using accurate information to improve customer service.
  • Using delivery information to efficiently staff call centers.

Electronically confirm mail sent back to you:

Mailstream Intelligence and Origin Confirm offer many benefits for incoming mail, such as:

  • Knowing in advance who is returning payments or ordering via reply mail.
  • Processing payments more efficiently and managing cash more effectively.
  • Processing mail orders more efficiently by planning staffing and inventories based on accurate information.
  • Maintaining better relations with customers based on more accurate information.
  • Sharpening your telemarketing follow-up based on what you learn from the data.
  • Evaluating the success of an ad or marketing campaign.
  • Saving money by reducing the number of dunning notices you send.
  • Add Census and Credit Bureau data to other mail tracking information in real time.