US Monitor now incorporates the Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMb™) with your current monitoring service. With US Monitor's Mailstream Intelligence, now, instantly, in real time you will know exactly when and where every single piece of mail is delivered. The Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMb™) is a new mail tracking system that holds all routing, sorting and additional services information in one barcode. It enables unique identity of individual mail pieces while providing more real estate on the envelope for marketing messages. The IMb™ will be replacing both the POSTNET® Barcode and the PLANET Code® Barcode for the Confirm® Service.

Our partnership with Trackmymail allows us to handle all the technical work for you and we interface with your letter shop to make sure all your mail is properly coded to take advantage of the Mailstream Intelligence data. Then we set up simple, easy to use reports for you that are available online 24/7, so you'll have instant access to all your mailing details ... with none of the work, frustration and aggravation other services require you to endure just to see your own data. Please see the sample Mailstream Intelligence Report below.

Optimize Your Mail with Mailstream Intelligence

Currently, the IMb™ tracking of mail will only provide mailers with information on the specific location of mail in the USPS system. US Monitor allows mailers to go further by providing them with real-time information of mail when it reaches its intended recipient in-home. Our Mailstream Intelligence service offers two-way mail tracking: Destination Confirmation and Origin Confirmation. Destination Confirmation allows a mailer to track when mail is received in-home. Origin Confirmation allows a mailer to track when response mail (ex: Business Reply Mail) is returned and has entered the mail system. Both Mailstream Intelligence services work in conjunction with the IMb™ and allow mailers to have real-time electronic reports about the status of their mail pieces.

Why use Mailstream Intelligence

For example, a piece of mail has been scanned to be delivered in Buffalo, NY on January 12th and six feet of snow hits. IMb™ will only show mailers that the mail has been received by the Post Office in Buffalo. That mail may sit in the post office for a few days but US Monitor agents in the field will tell mailers when the mail piece actually arrives in-home, providing more accurate data.

Benefits of Mailstream Intelligence